About the product


The system is especially fit for commercial and industrial cooling. Thanks to a great range of pipes (diameters from Ø20 to Ø200), fittings and kits, KRYOCLIM enables assembly of all types of commercial and industrial cooling devices and air-conditioning machine networks from -30C° to +40°C. KRYOCLIM may never be used with HFC, HCFC and CFC. KRYOCLIM system is compatible with most anti-freeze liquids. It is suitable for assembling cooling systems in existing buildings with minimum disturbance since there are no open flames or noises.  Since KRYOCLIM is much lighter than a metal pipe, assembly is quick and clean. It is quick and easy to set up. It does not require special tools, electricity or fire permits. When an area becomes available, work may start immediately. It is classified as M1 by the CSTB. KRYOCLIM is not flammable, thus ensuring safety in case of fire. KRYOCLIM system which is made of HPF is fully recyclable.

Cooling systems in public buildings:

Today many European countries have clearly stated that the pipes used for transfer of cooled liquids in buildings open to public must be non-flammable. The goal is to ensure greatest safety in case of fire and to limit public panic. With its non-flammable material, KRYOCLIM offers a solution for these demands


Main applications

Centralized applications in cooling devices:

  • Cooled water only (pleasant cooling)

Industrial applications:

  • Cooling
  • Process

Cold storages:

  • Industrial kitchens
  • Food processing industries