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Compressed air is an important factor in any production. It can make up to 50% of the total energy consumption in the industry, if it is not used rationally and does not eliminate hidden costs.

If the air is distributed wisely to the consumer it can save you money.

If we look at compressed air systems from the point of view of energy efficiency, we can conclude that, in addition to properly dimensioned equipment and adequate compressed air treatment, smart and quality compressed air distribution plays an equally important role in the pneumatic system. Also, we can say that it is a very important segment in the construction of compressed air and the time spent on the installation. These include operations such as cutting, processing, welding, painting, procurement of equipment for high-altitude work, various other types of special tools and the like. In addition to the above, an important factor is the financial investment, ie the cost of installation. These are all factors that affect the total value of investments and construction of compressed air pipelines, ie. air distribution to the consumer. Aluminum piping is an excellent investment because in industrial processes it makes savings provided by reduced pressure drop and elimination of leaks with the help of connecting elements that connect perfectly.


Compressed air distribution as an important factor in the pneumatic system


  • Easy installation of compressed air piping by insertion
  • A small pressure drop ensures a smooth pipe interior
  • EQOair is resistant to corrosion, oil as well as scale
  • Thin walls of compressed pressure pipes provide almost maximum flow, with minimum pressure
  • Lightweight are very easy to manipulate
  • EQOair pipes provide easy modification of the compressed air system
  • Affect the overall energy efficiency of compressed air systems
  • Excellent ratio of investment and expected benefits

EQOair is an ideal and more durable solution

Material selection
Material selection

When choosing a material for the installation of compressed air distribution, it is very important to pay attention to certain properties such as:

  • What are the pipes and fittings made of in order to ensure the smallest possible pressure drop
  • A way to ensure constant air purity in order to avoid corrosion, rot, deformation and porosity of the material, as well as other accompanying damage due to use.

Stepen doo in its range of equipment aluminum pipes of the renowned brand EQOair.

Why do we choose aluminum?

The material of aluminum is white metal, it is lightly resistant to moisture and oil from compressed air. Aluminum pipes have thin walls, so the diameter of the pipe is much larger than the diameter of the inside of the plastic or steel pipe. Also, due to its structure, the inside of the pipe is as smooth and clean as the first day during the entire period of exploitation. Air flow is maximized and undisturbed.

No corrosion and deposits

With a compressed air system with no corrosion, there are no deposits on the pipe walls, and the pressure drop is convincingly minimal. Compressed air distribution systems made of black steel or galvanized pipes are subject to corrosion and rot, deposition of scale and dirt. Aluminum pipes only require custom cutting during installation. Their connection is done by inserting into patented pieces very simply. Compared to black steel or galvanized pipes, aluminum pipes have the title of the easiest to install. Therefore, we can conclude that aluminum pipes for the compressed air system are the ideal solution for long distances.

EQOair efficient aluminum pipes have been installed in over 5,000 projects worldwide. Their installation has effectively reduced energy costs by 25-30% compared to conventional piping systems.