STEPEN – Kontrola protoka

STEPEN is privately owned enterprise, founded in 1992 for the purpose of becoming a successful family business in sphere of construction industry. From its very foundation the enterprise STEPEN has developed dynamically, following modern technologies. Years of installation work are behind us, via which we have acquired knowledge and experience, which gives us that small yet very important edge when compared to other companies. With an offer of top quality equipment and highest level of service, we can safely say that we are one of the leaders on the market.

We successfully promoted top-of-the-range US piping system for hot and cold water on the Serbian market in 2003, CPVC and UPVC, produced by a reputable US producer NIBCO.


Today STEPEN has the latest generation of MULTITUBO multilayer (AluPERT) pipes that have European Technical Approval (ETA) – marked with “CE” sign of quality, as well as fire protection systems, NIBCO BlazeMaster CPVC sprinkler system and NIBCO fire protection valves with UL/FM certificates.

Due to market needs and being an enterprise oriented towards modern technologies and high quality products, STEPEN has been having specialized industrial systems for compressed air in its offer since 2011, GIRAIR for compressed air and KRYOCLIM for cooling, produced by a reputable French company GIRPI. Since the very foundation STEPEN manages to maintain high business quality, via synthesis of high quality installation materials and best tradespeople in their line of work. STEPEN is the company in which client assumes the main role.

As the official representative of NIBCO, GIRPI, MULTITUBO, COMER, LARETER and GRIFON products for the territory of Serbia and the region, STEPEN secures:


Fast and efficient delivery


Professional installation work




Counseling when choosing installations