When it comes to fire protection, you need a pipe system you can rely on. CPVC pipes and fittings that we present have been especially designed for fire protection systems and are based on more than 40 years of confirmed experience. This system elevates the fire protection systems to a level of superior characteristics which exceed your expectations. This fire protection system is the most advanced, current and approved plastic pipe system available on the present market. Metal pipes may not be compared to them. CPVC systems have much more advantages in relation to metal systems, and all other systems are outdated compared to them.
Pay attention to the following facts:
  • NSF certificate, safe for potable water, according to all standards.
  • Peeling and corrosion are eliminated even in environments where greater amount of salt in the air is present.
  • Natural resistance to corrosion caused by microbiological influences (Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion).
  • Superior characteristics of the flow enable better hydraulic solution in relation to metal systems.
  • Easy assembly at the field, incomparable flexibility, small weight, easy installation.
  • Muffled vibrations.
  • High aesthetic qualities of assembly – hard pipes.
  • Minimum or no investment in tools (no special tools) leads to great savings.
  • Minimum duration of 50 years, with safety factor two.
  • Quality Assurance Program guarantees consistency and reliability.
  • Patented CPVC formula, strict control of raw materials and manufacturer of pipes and fittings.
  • Costs savings (no special assembly tools necessary).
  • Improved durability even in low temperatures (specially formulated and patented formula).
  • Less disturbance /conflicts/ with other works (work is quick and easy even when surrounded by other contractors).
  • Small weight (no need for special equipment for pipe rearrangement within the area).
  • Low costs (assembly is cheaper and the price is more stable in relation to metal systems).
  • Optimal dimensions system (smooth interior, better hydraulic properties, it is possible to reduce the diameter of the fitted pipes, decrease in price of material).
Architects and engineers:
  • Fully tested (the system has been fully tested by UL, FM, UL-C, LPCB and VdS. The system was exposed to flame which reached the temperature higher than 760°C and was tested twice at the constant maximum working pressure of 22 bars for more than a year without any sign of weakness or leakage).
  • Freedom in designing (small weight and easy assembly means that the system is ideal for those hard to access locations and for modification of the assembly, where flexibility, light weight of the material, easy assembly without the tools, allows for a quick, quiet and clean assembly).
Relevant authorities:
  • Fully tested and approved (the system has been approved according to UL for NFPA 13, 13D, 13R, approved according to FM, approved according to LPCB, approved according to VdS and by all relevant institutions).
  • Proven characteristics (the system has a proven reliability of characteristics from 1984. Quality Assurance Program, unsurpassable in industry, guarantees reliability in the future as well).

Approved for more fire protection assemblies than any other non-metal system.
Simply said, this system presents a new standard in fire protection assemblies